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In this day and age, with the way the world and most people are so proud of themselves and behaving so ambitiously and selfishly (unvirtuously), we all need to stop and smell the roses, get over ourselves, KISS and make up (cooperate). If we can all do that, with integrity, humility, compassion, unselfishness and equanimity, etc., then who knows what we can accomplish together? Well, God does... and that's a fact.

Keep It Sensibly Simple
Little John

Hi there! My name is Carl John Painter and I'm the founder and developer of The League of True Love. Though when God's presence came upon me 30 years ago, in absolute, supernatural power and glory, and He revealed His plan to me for The League of True Love (marching of the saints) and that He'd sent me to paint a picture of the true way of life in His eternal presence, realm and reality of absolute, undying, true love and majestic virtuousness, He gave me the name Jean-Baptiste Amata Gastiganto, which translates as: Beloved host of John the Baptist. Though you can call me Little John and I'm not here to preach to anyone, but to appeal to your common sense, if you have enough of it that is. For wisdom is defined as: An uncommon degree of common sense.

A picture can paint a thousand words, but it can take countless words to paint a picture. So be the picture... Though for those who are blinded, deceived, governed and ruled (marked) by the instinctual, egocentric nature of their flesh (the beast), it's always and forever will be as clear as mud, and they will never get the bigger picture, that lies beyond the little world of their instinctual, egocentric self (ego).Jean-Baptiste Amata Gastiganto

I'm currently in the process of developing our online community. When God's presence came upon me all those years ago, He told me that nobody would understand me and I'd get no support, especially from the halfway house (church), as it's overrun with and run by religious tares and filled with lukewarm fencesitters.

That's proven to be absolutely true, so I've been having to do it all by myself and I've been turned out of every halfway house I've attended and everyone has instinctively and egocentrically resisted and turned away from me and the invitation (His one and only, true and perfect will) He gave me to deliver, to come out of the world altogether and all together in league with others, to live for love with all your heart, mind, body and soul (absolutely), according to true love's absolute holiness, peacefulness, gracefulness and graciousness, with absolute equanimity, humility, cooperativeness and joy, without a care in the world and like a little child-at-heart, though far from childish, just as He told me they would, in the fulfilment of scripture (Luke 14:16-33). Not that I'm complaining. Where would the virtue be in that?

A man is accepted into the church for what he believes and is turned out for what he knowsSamuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

I sincerely hope you don't come to this site with a head full of religiosity and I'd like you to understand that The League of True Love is not "my thing". It's another name for Heaven and we who are fully fledged members of His league would like you to know that there's absolutely nothing religious about it. That's because God IS love and TRUE love is not religious in any way. TRUE love is absolutely virtuous and majestic (righteous).

He who does not (truly) love does not (truly) know God, for God is (true) love.1 John 4:8

Virtue of the Week


active lion-like virtue

Being responsible means others can trust you to do things to the best of your abilities. You accept accountability for your actions, as actions always have consequences. When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses. Responsibility is the ability to respond capably and to make wise choices and decisions.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6

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