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The app for those who want to find true, everlasting love, live like a king, become a perfect gentleman or gentlewoman, angel or saint, a perfect human being.

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What Do We Mean By "Live Like A King"?

To live like a king, isn't about being financially wealthy, living in a palace, riding in limos or private jets, lording it over others and having everyone bow down to you.

Below is part of the transcript from the movie, "King Ralph", labelled as "A comedy of majestic proportions" and Ralph is played by John Goodman (ironically). Hopefully it will make it clearer for you.

If you haven't seen this movie, it's about a down on his luck Las Vegas entertainer, who after the entire royal family is wiped out in a freak accident, becomes the king of England and when He finds out what it truly entails, couldn't handle it and abdicated his throne.

RALPH: "What is it that a king does all day?"

CEDRIC: "Scarcely a minute of your day is unaccounted for. Nevertheless, what you do is not as important... as what you are."

RALPH: "What am I?"

CEDRIC: "To be the king of England is a responsibility like no other on Earth. You must become a symbol... of all that is best about England. An embodiment of our history, our culture, our morality, our pride of achievement. In short, our ideal of civilization. You must, in the harsh light of public scrutiny, exhibit all of our virtues and none of our shortcomings."

RALPH: "I thought all I was supposed to do... was dress up and wave. I don't even know what our virtues are."

CEDRIC: "You will learn soon enough. I'm afraid it's a god's burden to bear. Unfortunately, it must be borne by a man."

PRIME MINISTER: "Good evening, Your Majesty."

CEDRIC: "It's not enough to be king. You must look and ACT like one."

Further along in the movie, Ralph finds it all too hard to manage and abdicates his throne, saying this in an address to parliament.

RALPH: "As happy as I am about all this, it doesn't make up for my shortcomings as a king. I have done my best to learn the ways of royalty, to try to be the kind of king you could be proud of. But I'm afraid my best will never be good enough. Too often, my personal instincts conflict with my obligations. For that reason, I have decided to give up my throne."

This is why our challenge to you, is to think on the virtue of the week for that week and practice it in your thoughts, words and deeds, without letting your instincts and ego get in the way, conflict and cause you to do the opposite. That is, be humble not proud, courageous not cowardly, courteous not discourteous, truthful not untruthful, honest not dishonest, etc. After all, practice makes perfect...

It's not for the faint of heart, religious tares (egos) or lukewarm fence sitters in the halfway house (church).

The superior man thinks always of virtue; the common man thinks of comfort.Confucius

IN OTHER WORDS; The man who has totally overcome and risen above his natural instincts and ego (got over himself), always thinks, talks and walks with/in virtue, every moment of every day of his life (is an everyday saint); The man whose mind is corrupted, blinded, deceived, governed and ruled (darkened) by the characteristic pride, vanity, envy, selfishness, ambition, lust, greed, desire for creature comfort and/or fear for survival of the carnal, instinctual, egoistic (sinful) nature of his flesh, thinks only of himself, instinctively and egoistically resists and turns away from virtue, to its opposite. From honor to dishonor, honesty to dishonesty, faithfulness to unfaithfulness, courage to cowardice, etc.

He who has no true honor, only has dishonor to give and he who covers up truth with untruth and/or deceit, has no TRUE virtue.

You may look at the world around you and ask, "Where is the love?" Honest to God there's very little of it, and that's the truth. You'd know just how little, if you'd experienced the Holy Ghost of God's divine nature and characteristics of ABSOLUTE, undying, true love and majestic virtuousness, in absolute, supernatural power and glory, beyond the shadow of any doubt and your wildest (carnal, instinctual, egoistic) imagination.

There's so very little TRUE love, because there's so little TRUE virtue. For the virtues are the characteristics (fruits) of God's/Love's divine nature. TRUE love is absolutely faithful, loyal, considerate, kind, courageous, courteous, equitable, trustworthy, humble, etc., and when the virtue dies, so does the love. Not in itself, for TRUE love can never die, but it dies in us and that's why, in the fulfilment of scripture, the heart's of many have grown cold and very few people in the world have any TRUE honor, integrity, compassion, courtesy, equanimity, modesty, reliability, respect, thankfulness, trustworthiness, faithfulness or loyalty, etc., because these are all virtues/characteristics/fruits of true love.

Heaven is real and it's the highest, most egoless form and manifestation of human nature, while hell is the lowest, most primal and egoistic form and manifestation. Being virtuous in your every thought, word and deed, like an absolutely perfect gentleman or gentlewoman, a saint by any other name, is absolutely essential to being capable of LIVING according to the truth, the way and the life (true way of life) in heaven, which is the eternal, egoless, supernatural presence and civilization (kingdom) of God 's divine nature and characteristics (fruits) of absolute, undying, true love and majestic virtuousness (righteousness).

For this reason, if you want to LIVE in heaven, on earth or anywhere else, you need to watch your every thought, word and deed, and ask yourself, "Is this coming from TRUE love and virtuousness? Or is it coming from the carnal, instinctual, egoistic (sinful) pride, vanity, envy, selfishness, ambition, lust, greed, desire for creature comfort and/or fear for survival of THE BEAST of my flesh God named Satan and man calls ego?"

Are you up to the challenge and have it in you, to apply and practice the virtue of the week, for at least one week in your life?

The app is and will always be 100% free of any cost or ads. We hope it will help you to reach the higher ground we all secretly seek and become the perfect gentleman or gentlewoman of true love you long to be deep down in your heart of heart's (soul), whether you're consciously aware of it or not.


  1. 52 virtues, one for each week of the year.
  2. Every visit to the home screen, randomly loads a different inspirational quote from 1 of over 1200 on file. No quote is repeated until all quotes in the list have been viewed and it begins another cycle.
  3. View the virtue of the week and accept the challenge.
  4. Go to the list of all 52 virtues and select the one you want.
  5. Share a virtue, its description and verse on Facebook or send it as in an email or SMS message to whoever you feel might benefit from it.
  6. PWA can be installed on any phone by adding to the Home Screen.
  7. No signup or login required.
  8. 100% free of fees, ads, tracking codes, etc.


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